• "Tkactwo jest ciekawą formą pracy nad skupieniem, wyobraźnią oraz sprawnością palców. Niewątpliwie jest również wspaniałą terapią antystresową dając jednocześnie dużo satysfakcji z własnoręcznie wykonanej pracy"

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My Travelings

Forest, Portugal 2011

2011 Rainbow in Portugal.  we came into the forest to could feel mother earth heart beat,we sat in the forest to take a deep breath,we sing in the forest for her and for him,we left the forest with peace and love in a mind,we dream about the forest and the day thatwe can come into the forest again

photography, Portugal, portrait


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Love, poem and photography

Zdjęcie zrobione we Lwowie w 2007. Znalazłam je na mojej starej stronie z fotografią, dlatego przedrukowuje tu wiersz, który mu tam towarzyszy. A większą ilością zdjęć, z tej pamiętnej wyprawy z Bożenka, pokaże w kolejnym artykule. love,like and old vanused, spited and abandonalone in gutter,fearis shaking, is sweatingis coldscrap kicked outout of viewout of feelwas full ofpassion Kraków 2011

photography, ukraine, portrait


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Examples of the diversity of Andean weav…

Beautiful examples of the diversity of Andean weaving. Made with the traditional method of backstraploom and on traditional loom [an instrument brought by colonizers in the 16th century]. In addition, on one of the pictures we can see an example of unusual embroidery decorating the funeral fabric from Parakas. The other is showing us Chacan - Andean Cross, realizated in modern tapestry technique. Unusual is to look at the...

memories, weaving, Andes, traveling, South America, Boliwia, Peru


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Weaving memories from the road : Paragua…

An amazing time, humid, rainy and hot. The Lola and Chulia's house patio. A place of an extraordinary Paraguayan-Argentine artists .Where each element has souls, and every minuets is intensely lazy. Ceramics takes color, palette transforms into a furnitures, pizza comes on grill and cold water f is suffusing the terere to cool down overhitted bodies. Aregua, Paraguay 2014.

Paraguay, memories, Dominika, weaving, nanduti, traveling


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