• "Tkactwo jest ciekawą formą pracy nad skupieniem, wyobraźnią oraz sprawnością palców. Niewątpliwie jest również wspaniałą terapią antystresową dając jednocześnie dużo satysfakcji z własnoręcznie wykonanej pracy"

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My name is DominikaSerzysko I come from Poland but I fell like a citizen of the World. Last few years I spent traveling around South America. That's where I discovered my love to weaving craft and decided to learn it from local women, so I got to know their traditional methods. I would like to thank for the patience and good humor to Mama Gomez from Peru and Senora Franco from Paraguay, also to many other teachers encountered on the way. Currently I am exploring our Eastern Europe traditions mainly in Poland and Belarus.Daily I create macrame and metal jewelry with natural stones that is called ArtePorã Craft, as well as sharing ideas and skills by organizing workshops for children and adults in Krakow. As born travel I can stop so as a guide I am sharing my passion with others during tours to South American and other parts of that amazing world..

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Dominika Serzysko


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